Deciding if Duct Re Coating is Right for You

Duct Recoating

Re coating your AC duct work is often overlooked by home owners. Expensive repairs and maintenance can give people a false sense of security. Changing filters and other routine items fix only problems that can be seen. Duct work can con taint the unseen problems that are missed by many people. Unlike most mechanical failures, deciding to re coat ducts or not as simple to make. There are a few things that should be considered when deciding if re coating is appropriate.

People that are sensitive to allergies may find that they suffer more from allergies when ducts need to be re coated. Dust, dirt, bacteria and mold do not always get stopped by filters. When these contaminants make it past the filter, they generally will line the surface of the ducts and multiply. The risk goes beyond simple allergies; mold can represent serious health risks. Cleaning ducts work for a little while but mold growth can quickly rebuild to dangerous levels. Many re coating products include anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments to reduce and prevent mold growth.
Paying More for Cooling and Air Conditioning? Bills for AC systems will always fluctuate. Sharp increases may represent significant problems. Hairline fractures may allow conditioned air to leak from duct work and waste energy. Even worn out insulation can cause sharp increases in bills. Re coating can augment the insulation and provide an additional barrier of protection. Many coatings have insulation factors that rival traditional insulation and provide great savings.

Just Have Your Ducts cleaned?

If you have just had your duct work cleaned, then you should consider having your duct coating re applied. Some cleaning may damage duct coating that is over a year old. When the re coating is applied right after cleaning the ducts, it adheres better to the duct surface and lasts longer. If the time has been spent to clean the ducts, re coating can make sure that they stay cleaner for longer. A qualified air conditioning service company will have the ability to help you with all manners of these cooling solutions.