Why does the EPA want to phase out R-22?

EPA phase out R-22

EPA phase out R-22

Boca Raton Air conditioning systems use refrigerants, which are very important part of the process. The refrigerants are found within the coils of the air conditioning system. These liquids are cooled and dehumidified for indoor air here. For many years, the most common refrigerant was R-22, Freon. However, lately Boca air conditioning systems are changing to a new refrigerant.

EPA’s reason to phase out R-22:

EPA sets into effect guidelines that are to be followed to make sure the air is clean. When it comes to R-22, the EPA believes that this refrigerant needs to be phased out. The main reason that the EPA wants to phase out the R-22 refrigerant is because it is harming the nation’s air. The EPA has restriction of this guideline because of the in Clean Air Act. The EPA is given responsibility over the nation’s air quality and stratospheric ozone layer by this act, The Clean Air Act. This act applies to this refrigerant because the R-22 refrigerants are depleting our ozone. The R-22 refrigerant is depleting our ozone by producing HCFC, which are full known as hydro chlorofluorocarbon. These HCFC’s that are being produced are a compound that contains ozone depleting chlorine. The EPA has jurisdiction since the ozone is depleting and this is affecting the nation’s overall air quality. The EPA set into effect requirements that need to be met. They have said since 2010 that the R-22 refrigerant is to be prohibited. They made the projection that by 2020 the production of this refrigerant will cease to exist.

The EPA has a new refrigerant that is available that does not harm the nation’s air quality by depleting the ozone with HCFCs. The main reason behind the phase out of R-22 refrigerant is because of its harm to our ozone. So make the switch today to help out our environment and follow EPA guidelines to the new refrigerant.